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Bronze sculpture by South African sculptor Louis Chanu

After sculpting in wax, clay, polyeurathane foam and plasticene, I have found that the best medium for me is wax, which is not the easiest medium but allows for extreme detail – it can be heated up and the sculpture twisted into the exact position required Initially the wax model is nude, which is where I capture the movement and flow of the body. I then melt wax and cast it into flat sheets (1-2mm thick). From these sheets, I cut out the clothes as a tailor would, and dress the nudes in the various clothing. This is not only a lot of fun to do, but is also what creates the sheer look of closely fitting clothing. 

Bronze sculpture by South African sculptor Louis Chanu



Having spent the last 10 years doing mouldmaking, I have always been a step ahead in the manufacture of complicated moulds, but these original bronze sculptures have introduced me to a whole new world of mouldmaking, where one female bronze can involve as many as twenty separate moulds.  Silicone rubber is applied to the finished wax sculpture, and a fibreglass backing is then used to keep the silicone in place. The mould is then taken to the foundry and the final bronze casting done.

Bronze sculpture by South African sculptor Louis Chanu

I have chosen not to do my own casting, as this is an artform on its own. Replicas of my mould are made by the foundry and these are then used to cast the bronze figures.

Bronze sculpture by South African sculptor Louis Chanu

The rough cast bronze produced by the foundry is finished off by me, which entails one to two weeks of grinding and polishing. Finally the patina is applied and the sculpture is then waxed and polished. The finished sculpture is then mounted on a base (either granite, marble or sandstone).
Louis Chanu lives in the Elgin Valley, near Cape Town, South Africa 
E-mail: Tel: +27 (0) 21 859 3419
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Bronze  Sculptures of female and male figures and animals by South African sculptor  Louis Chanu